engagement photography cobourg

Engagement Photography Cobourg

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Engagement Photography Cobourg |  If you are getting married something you may want to consider is having some engagement photography done.  Some things to think about when booking your engagement shoot are… where you would like them done, what overall look and feel do you want for your images?  I just love going on-location to some of my clients special locations.  Its nice to choose a place the means something to you…eg. where you first met, your favourite place to go etc.  If you want to have a relaxed casual look to your images, consider the clothing that you wear as well.  You don’t want the formality of your clothing getting in the way of the story you are trying to tell.  Keep it simple, and keep it fun!  Then you will need to decide on the time of year you would like them done…each season has its pros and its’ cons and ultimately will give you a different look entirely from the next.

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