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  As a Cobourg Photographer I have been serving Cobourg, Northumberland County and its surrounding areas since 1999.

Cobourg Photographer |  Tips:  With Newborn Photography there can be many surprises…so be sure to bring along your diaper bag, along with any extra changes of clothing!  I have many little baby outfits to choose from, along with head piece accessories.  All of my crocheted prop/accessory pieces are hand made by myself.  I like to try to come up with a new look for each shoot to help keep your shoot unique from the last.  My In home studio makes for a very relaxed setting.  I want new moms and dads to feel very comfortable when they are having their babies photographed.   The best thing to do is to feed your baby here in the studio at the beginning of your shoot.  The best time to have your newborn photographed is between 4-11 days old.   They are usually still very sleepy during this time.  Although I do book newborn portraits  after this time, but the results are very different with them being more alert.  When they are sleepy, this allows me to manipulate their poses for the photographs.  Babies are very unpredictable, as long as you keep your expectations realistic, you won’t feel too much pressure while you are in your shoot.  Please don’t book anything directly after the scheduled shoot.  We may need the extra bit of time if that is when they finally fall asleep for you!

less mommy stress=less Newborn stress!



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