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Cobourg Photographer-Prom Portraits~  First I’d like to give a big round of applause to all the St. Mary’s 2016 Graduates, woo hoo you made it, I wish you well on your next chapter.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Prom Portraits, they were a huge success, and everyone just looked so stunning.  Photographing Event Photography is one of my favourite things to do.  Subjects are usually very excited to get the night started which usually results in naturally happy looking models for me, making my job so much easier.  Well, I gotta hand it to them all, they rocked the shoot like no other.  Looking like a million bucks, getting ready to tear it up on the dance floor in their beautifully decorated james bond theme ballroom.  The staff did an amazing job putting it all together.

I am so happy with the results, I wanted to make them available for online viewing for extra print orders before the final order is placed.   Each couple will go home with 2 free 5×7 enlargements.  There will be an extra print order going home with students through the school if they require extra prints.  Have a look and enjoy!

Prom Portrait oneProm Portrait 0002BProm Portrait 0003CProm Portrait 0004DProm Portrait 0005EProm Portrait 0006FProm Portrait 0007GProm Portrait 0008HProm Portrait 0009IProm Portrait 0010JProm Portrait 0011KProm Portrait 0012LProm Portrait 0013MProm Portrait 0014NProm Portrait 0015OProm Portrait 0016PProm Portrait 0017QProm Portrait 0018RProm Portrait 0019SProm Portrait 0020TProm Portrait 0021UProm Portrait 0022VProm Portrait 0023WProm Portrait 0024XProm Portrait 0025YProm Portrait 0026ZProm Portrait 0027AAProm Portrait 0028ABProm Portrait 0029ACProm Portrait 0030ADProm Portrait 0031AEProm Portrait 0032AFProm Portrait 0033AGProm Portrait 0034AHProm Portrait 0035AIProm Portrait 0036AJProm Portrait 0037AKProm Portrait 0038ALProm Portrait 0039AMProm Portrait 0040ANProm Portrait 0041AOProm Portrait 0042APProm Portrait 0043AQProm Portrait 0044ARProm Portrait 0045ASProm Portrait 0046ATProm Portrait 0047AUProm Portrait 0048AVProm Portrait 0049AWProm Portrait 0050AXProm Portrait 0051AYProm Portrait 0052AZProm Portrait 0053BAProm Portrait 0054BBProm Portrait 0055BCProm Portrait 0056BDProm Portrait 0057BEProm Portrait 0058BFProm Portrait 0059BGProm Portrait 0060BHProm Portrait 0061BIProm Portrait 0062BJProm Portrait 0063BKProm Portrait 0064BLProm Portrait 0065BMProm Portrait 0066BNProm Portrait 0067BOProm Portrait 0068BPProm Portrait 0069BQProm Portrait 0070BRProm Portrait 0071BSProm Portrait 0072BTProm Portrait 0073BUProm Portrait 0074BVProm Portrait 0075BWProm Portrait 0076BXProm Portrait 0077BYProm Portrait 0078BZProm Portrait 0079CAProm Portrait 0080CBProm Portrait 0081CCProm Portrait 0082CDProm Portrait 0083CEProm Portrait 0084CFProm Portrait 0085CGProm Portrait 0086CHProm Portrait 0090CLProm Portrait 0090CLProm Portrait 0090CLProm Portrait 0090CLProm Portrait 0091CMProm Portrait 0092CNProm Portrait 0093COProm Portrait 0094CPProm Portrait 0095CQProm Portrait 0096CRProm Portrait 0097CSProm Portrait 0098CTProm Portrait 0099CUProm Portrait 0100CV

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